The NFL is really an awesome league for all professional sports and I think it is safe to say that there are not other leagues around the world that have the type of athletes like the NFL, except for the international rugby leagues where they definitely have some really tough guys who hit each other without pads and that is some seriously epic collisions and scary parts of that sport. But here in the United States we take our violent sports with precaution and make sure that everyone is wearing helmets and shoulder pads and chest pads so that they don’t kill themselves so easily out there on the field, but of course football is still a really rough sport and people and even NFL players are constantly getting hurt in each and every game, but that is just part of the sport. That’s why it is so important to have a full and complete team from the starters to the bench players in the NFL because you never know when one of your good players is going to go down and need to be replaced, and that is when the bench warmers come in and get the job done and make history for themselves and the franchise they play for. So what we are doing with this list of articles is talk about the NFL teams and their history, and I think this is really important because if we want to know more about the game of football and where we are today in the NFL then we should definitely look to the past to answer some of our important questions and we can definitely get clarity about the NFL teams and their histories this way, and the next team that we are going to be talking about on this list just so happens to be the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dallas Cowboys are the team that everyone seems to hate with a passion but at the same time they are considered to be America’s team and everyone is supposed to like them. Of course everyone likes the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders who are known for being the hottest cheerleaders in the NFL and maybe all of professional sports, and they even have their own reality TV show which is absolutely horrible but still gets pretty good ratings because it is all about hot girls dancing and thrusting their bodies in order to make the cheerleading squad. Now of course the Cowboys are a really cool team that actually had a bunch of success in the past but in recent years have kind of just been the laughing stock of the NFC East division because they have consistently found ways to screw up their seasons under their famous owner Jerry Jones’ commands. I think the fact that Jerry Jones is such an outspoken owner definitely tells you all you need to know about the Cowboys and that is that they are really outspoken and a bunch of douche bags for the most part and I don’t think they are going to be a winning team for a long time but who knows really the NFL fluctuates in good teams all the time and the Cowboys always seem like they are going to be good and then end up being disappointing.


When it comes to football it doesn’t get much better than the NFL, and although everyone still really likes college football because it is fun and the colleges always like to have a good time when they are hosting a big game and things like that, but of course the NFL is the cream of the crop from college football, but college football is still really good football. But when you get to the pro level of football with the NFL the entire dynamics of the sport begin to shift and that is because each and every NFL team is chalk full of extremely huge and extremely talented athletes, and that is really what the NFL is all about. I think it is pretty safe to say that just about every athlete that is playing in the NFL right now is a completely beast like type of a person and that is because that is simply what it takes to get to that type of level. So what were are doing with this type of article and this entire list of blogs is talk about NFL teams and their histories and that means that we are going one by one and picking out some of the most iconic franchises in NFL history, so if you are the type of person who really likes football then you have definitely come to the right place because we are all about football and you can definitely learn a lot about your favorite teams as well on this blog so enjoy your time here and keep pounding!

The next NFL team and their history that we are going to be talking about is the brand new Los Angeles Rams, and the reason that we are talking about this team is because history has just been made these past few months in that the St. Louis Rams are returning to Los Angeles where they were playing as a team for many years until the early 1990s and now they are returning to Los Angeles and LA will finally have a team after almost thirty years of being absent from the NFL. This is definitely a really big moment for this franchise and is something that the Rams organization should be very proud about, and I think that now that the Rams are out of crummy St. Louis and in a prime spot like Los Angeles they will be able to start to bring in some seriously epic talent that could potentially turn the entire Rams franchise around and that of course is the type of thing that you would want from any type of NFL team that has been struggling for several years in a row. The Rams haven’t been good since they won the Super Bowl back in the year 2000 or 2001 when they had Marshall Faulk and Kurt Warner on their team, and I think everyone thinks of those years as ancient history although it definitely was one of the most exciting Super Bowls in the history of the big game.

But yes, now that the Rams are coming back to Los Angeles this is definitely a really epic moment in NFL history and I think that everyone in the city of Los Angeles should be very excited to have a team again.

Loves Footlball

Everybody in the United States loves football, and I think it goes without saying that football is the number one sport in the United States just in front of basketball and then baseball or whatever, and we’re talking about American football not soccer for all of you Europeans out there. Football is a tough nosed sport that is full of violence and hard impact action and that is part of the reason why people love it so much, and you could even say that it is kind of like modern day gladiators oriented around scoring points in a game which is pretty epic to say the least.

So of course here in the United States we have the National Football League, otherwise known as the NFL, and in the NFL we have some of the most influential and most talented football players the world has ever known, and in recent years it is clear that football players are getting more and more talented and changing the game all the time. It’s definitely a game where people can start to get innovative rather easily because for the most part the innovations and tricks that people have done throughout the years have stayed pretty consistent until recent years, and that is why we are now seeing a huge influx of creativity within football and that definitely is helping out a lot because now the sport is getting more and more interesting within the landscapes of the NFL and their teams. One of the rules that changed just this past season is that the extra point attempt after a touchdown was moved really far back to make the extra point kick a little bit more exciting for the audiences and the fans, and I think this was a really interesting way to make the game more fun and it definitely is going to stay from now on which is pretty epic. So what we are doing with this list of articles and blogs is talking about the teams in the NFL and those teams history, and the next team that we are going to talk about is the defending NFC champions of the NFL the Carolina Panthers.

The Carolina Panthers are a relatively younger franchise in the NFL and they have only been to two Super Bowls, which they have lost both of, and what is so interesting about the Carolina Panthers is that they just recently got the newest and most badass quarterback in the league just a few years ago in Cam Newton and he has completely transformed the entire franchise towards his style of football, and that is winning football. Cam Newton is going to continue to be the type of quarterback who influences the game and changes things up and he already is breaking all sorts of records as a rushing quarterback, and I think for the most part everyone is going to start to think of Cam Newton as one of the greatest of all time if the Carolina Panthers start winning some Super Bowls for once, but as of right now he and the Panthers whole team are just rising stars that are looking to really solidly their history in the NFL right now and into the future. In the past the Panthers have always been the kind of franchise that had some good years and mostly really bad years and they just weren’t that talented in general as a whole, but now they have built around a few extremely talented players and created a defense wins mentality and it is starting to pay off for them in big ways.











The NFL teams and history

When we all start to think about the NFL and American football in general I know that it can be hard for foreigners of America to understand why we love this game so much, but if you are American and a native of the United States then you just get it. Football is just an American tradition and it is something that we love so much and appreciate even at the High School level on Friday nights, and I think there is just so much passion and intensity that goes into playing a football game, and of course it is just a really epic sport in general.

There has to be a lot said about the game of football in general, but for these specific articles we are going to be talking about the NFL teams and their histories and I think this is really important because football in general is a sport that is relatively young so there isn’t all that much history, but of course we just celebrated Super Bowl 50 this year in 2016 so we do have fifty years of great NFL seasons that can now be put down in the record books, and so for the past half century we have played football at a really high level, and so what we are doing in this set of articles and blogs is talking about specific teams and their placement in NFL history. The first team that we are going to be talking about in this list of NFL teams is the returning Super Bowl champions the Denver Broncos, and I think a lot of people have become Broncos fans over the years partly because Denver is just an awesome place, but I think that there definitely is a lot to be said about this team in terms of their previous history as well.

So yes, in recent years we have always thought of the Denver Broncos as the team that Peyton Manning is controlling and running into deep playoff runs and now a Super Bowl Championship in 2016, and that is something that a lot of us need to figure out because when we do think of these past few seasons in Broncos history it definitely will be a significant time in the franchise’s history for sure, but there are definitely other seasons that were just as memorable as the Peyton years.

Of course for the longest time the Broncos were just horrible and even though everyone in Colorado loved them they just stunk up the league and never really stood a chance of winning a Super Bowl, and then they drafted John Elway and things started to change, but of course even Elway wasn’t able to get the Broncos to the promised land and they lost a couple times in the Super Bowl during the earlier years of Elway’s career. Of course as a lot of us already know the Broncos started to get really good towards the end of Elway’s career in the late 1990s and that is when they put together a very memorable back to back championships and John Elway became a legend and the type of quarterback that a lot of quarterbacks like Peyton Manning emulated because he was able to go out like a champion just like everyone wants to retire from the NFL.

Now we are seeing Peyton Manning fulfilling that duty of his and leaving the game of football on top as a Super Bowl Champion, and this is something that John Elway promised Peyton a few years ago when he decided to leave the Colts and come to the Broncos, and it is just epic that it panned out how Elway thought it would.